Time to reconnect to who you are!

Fulfill Your Dreams

Fulfill Your Dreams! 

Powerful lessons in Personal Change

2-Day Intensive Workshop with International 
Behavioral Specialist and Author Kim Jewell
“ You are far too smart to be the only thing standing in your way. ”

 6th & 7th of May

9:00 am - 5:00 pm



50 People Only

2 Day Intensive 

Seats are Strictly Limited

Early Bird: $295.00

Bonus: FREE Paperback Copy "From Stress to Success"

Is it time for you to step into your Authentic Self?

Let me show you the blueprint to creating happiness regardless of what is happening around you.

Fast track your health and wellbeing to a life that is free of stress and negativity. Find out how you can take control of your wellbeing and health.

The "Fulfill Your Dreams" weekend is a step-by-step blueprint to creating the life you thought you were going to have. Learn simple and effective skills that will allow you to let of the physical and emotional barriers that are preventing you from living your ideal life.

Does this sound like you? Do you...

  • Feel like something is missing in your life?

    • Have the Career, the House, the Partner, the Kids... and still not Happy?
    • Lost your identity?
    • Forgotten who you are?
    • At the point when you ask... is this it?
“ This workshop has exceeded my expectations! Kim is a great presenter. I am very motivated and energized to use the skills I learned! " Kim M 
“ I was totally blown away with how Kim was able to get in there & find the hidden beliefs that I had created many years ago. There have been major changes in my personal & business life.” Greg D

In this Workshop you will discover:


Fulfill Your Dreams – Powerful lessons in Personal Transformation? is for individuals who wants to properly understand and apply the fundamental building-blocks to drastically improve all facets of their life including; Business, Career, Family, Relationships, Health, Leisure, and Social Impact. From getting unstuck, or to really accelerate what is already working in your life. Whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur, consultant, coach, professional or an aspiring self-employed, this 2 day seminar will give you a structured insight and guidance to:

    • The Art of Mastering your Mind.
    • The Power of Questioning Reality.
    • How to Clarify Your Personal Purpose.
    • How to Live Miraculously and Transform Your Life

Who This Is For…

The types of people who will benefit from this most include;

Open-Minded Individuals who want to challenge their existing understanding of success in life, and reality itself.

Individuals who are intrigued by the laws of manifestation, and want to take their first steps to learn the framework to improve all areas of their lives.

Heart-Centred people who value helping others and contributing to the community, and want to supercharge their impact using the most advanced change work today.

Anyone who knows there must be more to life than their current realities, and are motivated to take action on new knowledge, to powerfully transform their lives.

Individuals that feel stuck in their current reality and are ready to break through their inner blocks.

This is the most advanced Quantum mind change work for the world we live in today, delivered in a way that is fun, insightful, and rewarding for the right participants.

“ Kim runs a fantastic seminar, full of learning and fun. Her passion and knowledge of the subject shine through! " Rob O 
“ After only a few sessions with you, I've been able to let go of some very deep hurts, disappointments, and despair that I had experienced for decades. I am so grateful for your skill and insight and persistence to get to the bottom of some major issues for me.” Jan G.

Who This Is Not For….

The Fulfill your Dreams is readily available for everyone who chooses to receive it with an open-mind. However, we understand that this sort of advanced Quantum mind change work is not for everybody. It challenges existing frameworks and stretches minds and people may find that they simply aren’t ready for it. This program is not for…

  • Individuals who aren’t willing to have their existing understanding of the world, challenged by the latest developments in Nuero-Science.
  • Quick-fix Seekers who want an instant solution for their life and businesses, without having to put in the effort to make a change.
  • People who have no desire to achieve success with the purpose of having a positive social impact (family, community, nation and the world).

What You Will Learn

This is an overview of some of what you will learn over the course of 2 days

  • Getting Real with what’s working and what’s not working in your life right now.
    • Learn the Logical Levels of Change as they apply to transforming multiple areas of your life.
    • Learn about how your mind works, which is the highest level of change work available today.
    • Challenge the Nature of Reality as you know it now, and get a peek into how you create it.
    • Developing Awareness of what drives the way you think, understand, and act in your life.
    • Understand the Relationship you have with yourself.
    • Clarify Your Life Mission and Purpose so you can express your highest values.
    • Connecting Your Head and Heart to boost your ability to impact your life, and to manifest the life you want.
    • Uncover the Resources that you have used in the past, and that miraculously got you where you are today.
    • Learn How to Cause More Miracles by drawing on past, present and future resources that are sitting right under your nose.
    • Understanding how our history of ourselves impacts us today.
    • Healing old programs of self doubt.
    • Unlocking emotional blocks within ourselves to free us from unwanted sabotage patterns.
    • Finding the powerful voice within ourselves to cut out the noise of opinions of others to stay on our unique path on this planet

The Ultimate Toolkit

At the end of the two days you will have a clearer understanding of what drives you.  You will have a set of tools that will allow you to be in control of you emotional states.

Practical, Step-by-Step Instructions

You will be given the blueprint of how the mind works. You will be able to take control of your stress and emotions allowing you to become more of who you choose to be.