Hello, I’m Kim Jewell,

I ‘m excited that you’re here!

I specialize in unlocking and rewriting the mind/body codes that keep you stuck in unhealthy and limiting patterns.

What that means is,  I help incredible people like you deal with and let go of your past so you can be fully present, enjoying what is here now! I facilitate your process of letting go of what no longer works and help you create an exciting, inspiring future for you to live into.

My goal is for you to experience the freedom of being you and living your best life.


So that’s what I do. But what about me, who am I?


This is the part where I’m supposed to share with you all the qualifications that I have amassed over the years, yet what if I told you that the most important qualification I could tell you is that I’ve broken FREE! 

I have become what once upon a time I didn’t think was possible…


Free from Addiction

Anxiety Free

 Depression Gone

Free of the Traumas

The Relentless Critical Self Talk – Gone!


I enrolled in my Phd. many years ago, but I got serious about it when it was obvious that the addiction would kill me sooner than later.  Back then, I thought the problem was addiction, wrong. It certainly wasn’t the best coping strategy I’ve tried, but it did work for a very short time. You see, the addiction was covering up the real problem.

After countless attempts at traditional counseling, and twelve years into my recovery, I found myself backed into a corner, terrified of leaving it cause every part of me wanted to use.

How could that be, right??

That’s the same question I asked myself, how could I be sitting here, feeling worse when I had done everything that had been suggested by the professionals, and the recovery program?? The only thing that had changed was the substances were gone, but all the issues that I used substances to get rid of were not only there, but seemed to be bigger than before… and I still didn’t have any coping strategies that worked. The internal battle raged on, and had amped itself up a few notches.

That event turned the course of my life. I got serious, I wanted to break the patterns of the past, break free of the fear that riddled my life. With a burning desire to be happy, joyous and free, I started searching outside the traditional models of psychology in the hope of finding the path to peace. I had started to recognize that TRAUMA played a huge role in how dysfunctional things were but at that point didn’t know how to break free of the behaviors.

The journey back to me has been an incredible experience. Along the way I have worked with some amazing people, methods and alternative healing. I’ve gained an incredible amount of knowledge, and experience of the mind/body connection and the role it plays. It is both my personal experience and professional experience working with people for over 30 years now that has given me the PHD. in Life that I am able to help you find your way back to you.

If you need a label, I’m a behavioral specialist.


Along the way, that desire started to become real, I started to feel, FREE, Happy and able to do things I never dreamed possible.

I started seeing people breaking their patterns. My goal changed, I went from breaking the patterns to wanting to be the light in a very dark world. If I could change and break free, that means so can you!

My mission for a very long time has been to teach others that there is a way out of the loop of our mind has got us stuck in… to know that there was a way out of the trauma. I wanted to find a way that everyone could access techniques that would help them free themselves.

So I wrote a book…


From Stress to Success-Secrets to Fast Permanent Life Change


Its  a very simple guide to how to start to let go of the past traumas. How to understand what your mind is doing. Believe it or not, it (your mind) really is trying to keep you safe.

So, there you have it, a little peak into who I am. And in case you need the list of qualifications… I’ve included them below.

Since you’ve managed to read this far, let me say thank you for taking the time to check out who I am.  I appreciate that you have spent your time finding out more about me. I sincerely look forward to finding out more about you, and working with you in reclaiming your freedom.

With peace and love,


Those Qualifications:


Behavioral Specialist and Mind Coach

Certified NLP Trainer &  Master Practitioner

Certified Master FEFT/Eutaptics Practitioner

Certified Drug & Alcohol Counsellor

Certified Journey Practitioner

International Keynote Speaker and Presenter


Got a Question?      Shoot me an email!

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