Bridy, CEO Mind Talk

“Kim has been a driving force behind my success as a practitioner and has increased my confidence and self esteem in many areas of my life. Kim is a wealth of knowledge and education on the human mind! She inspires, creates change and assists in developing better workplaces. I recommend Kim whole heartedly!"

Vee, ET Digital Designs

"Kim helped me see the gift in each of my experiences. Kim is patient and loving, yet tough and follows through to find the behavioural pay-offs. Kim is good at explaining what is going on within and how to change it by letting it go.

After working with Kim…

I have noticed so many changes in my life. I am more empowered and less of a victim. I am like an onion with the layers slowly but surely being peeled away and released. I like the person I am discovering inside and I’m learning to question that inner critic and change it totally. I always come away from a session feeling lighter and freer and so much more empowered especially when facing challenges."


Break the PAIN Cycle Seminar - Perth

Break the cycle of pain

A 2 day seminar to free yourself from painful thoughts and memories trapped in your body.  Learn how to redesign your life!

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The Art of Transforming Lives 1 - Brisbane

Breaking the cycle of pain4-Day Intensive training . Going beyond mindfulness,  this workshop gives you not only understanding, but highly actionable and applicable techniques to improve your emotional control, that contribute to your psychological well being.


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Systems of Change Training Webinar

A 6 part webinar training series for practitioners of all modalities, with each class lasting 90 minutes, to take you to the next level of assisting your clients to make massive changes more quickly and easily.

Investment: $699 USD

Early Bird:    $499 USD

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Break the Cycle of Stress, Anxiety & Fear

Mastering the Inner Game of your Mind

A 2- day workshop filled with powerful, insightful process work that will open your mind, transform your ability to communicate and live consciously. Practical skills that will teach you how to manage your stress, anxious feelings, and fear allowing profound transformation for yourself and others.

I Want to attend         Investment: $295