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Kim Jewell

Behavioral Specialist

Mindset Master Practitioner

You’ve been searching, scouring the internet for answers. You’ve been through a lot and yet still no answers, so let’s cut to the chase:

I specialize in helping YOU unravel the pain, trauma, anxiety, depression or stress that you’ve been dealing with. Put it in a new perspective, allowing you to move forward.  How do I do that? I work with how your mind/body has coded the issue or trauma using the most current techniques in neuroplasticity.

It has taken a great deal of courage for you to get you to this point, why not book in a free 30 minute no obligation consult. I’m here to help you let it all go.


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 I Can Help You With:

Anxiety & Depression

Trapped in the endless cycle of Anxiety or Depression? Tried everything else?


PTSD & Trauma

There is a way out. Find out how neuro science gives real answers and solutions to this debilitating condition.

Private Sessions

Finally you can take control of your life. Find out how you can be  set FREE from what’s holding you back.

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Business Coaching & Mentoring

Build your skills, master new skills.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Looking for that accountability?

Corporate Wellness & Keynote Speaking

Leadership, Sales and Team Building

Emotional Wellness Programs designed specifically for your business’ needs.

Seminars & Events

Courses that will transform your life.

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You will discover the secrets for creating MASSIVE change with your clients.

You will learn practical techniques that get lasting results.

The training runs for 6 consecutive weeks and commences in Australia on May 6th, 2019 (in US EST May 5th)

Only US$499 early bird price until April 30th, thereafter US$699

for this indepth and comprehensive training!

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 A 6 part Live Webinar training series for Practitioners




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