Kim understands the terrain that must be crossed on the road to “becoming”, having done so herself, both metaphorically and actually. She recognizes thresholds for what they truly are, and articulates in such a way that she connects me with a deeper understanding of me, through her coaching, I awaken something I contain… now that’s an alchemist. Even if you are afraid of change… no, especially if you are afraid of change, bring Kim into your world. On a corporate level, such transformations of your employees has only one result in your sphere – greater productivity from excited-about-life employees. What could be wrong with that for anyone in the equation? I have no hesitation in recommending Kim.

~Brian O’Dea, Producer/On-Screen Advisor Redemption Inc.


I suffered from severe back pain after a skiing accident for over ten years. I’d been to every type of doctor & had been on medication for chronic back pain that limited my life in so many ways with no relief.

In that one day I was able to clear issues and negative limiting beliefs that had been holding me back for over 30 years.  The process was very gentle and I did not need to divulge the details of my deepest, darkest secrets in order for it to work. I had no idea that releasing those past pain would make any difference to my back pain.

Now when I think about those events in my past that used to make me feel, embarrassed, inadequate and flawed, I feel at peace.  There is no pain left in those memories at all, just a lot of self-love and I at each of those events very differently. Today I am pain free!!  Thank you Kim…

Patti, New Jersey USA


Most important, I would love to thank Kim Jewell the incredible Practitioner for her caring, kind and most loving heart who has supported me through 4 sessions and I have had the most outstanding changes in clearing up.

In the beginning the PTSD was horrendous at the time yet through it all I have found my peace, freedom and connection back to my heart. I am not going to say to my old self because Kim and I are building a new self one that I own with all the forgiveness of my heart.

Kim was so patience knowing I am a practitioner to allow me to come to my own conclusion without taking away from the significance and approval that I had not recieved as a child.

Thank you Kim…

Kaz, Sydney


Kim is an amazing practitioner and teacher and an inspiration for all…  I had the pleasure to be at her last seminar and it has already changed my life and my daughter life, so grateful to her for shining their light for others to follow

Thank you Kim…

Fran, Sydney