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Date(s) - 06/08/2016 - 07/08/2016
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Norman Hotel


Discovering the Unknown Formula For Great Relationships – Brisbane

Discover the Unknown Formula to Great Relationships is a 2-day transformational event designed to immerse you into deep personal knowledge of self, the inner workings of your mind allowing you to make dramatic changes in your professional and personal relationships.

Each day is designed to take you through a personal journey of self discovery, knowledge, and growth, in order to give you the specific steps of transformation and the formula of success:

DAY ONE: Self -Discovery Day

Day one is all about knowing yourself and discovering the inner workings of your mind, your values and what drives you. We work through mental patterns and discover how the mind creates the imprints to which all our relationships are based on. We also go through the powerful filing cabinet of the mind, which is essential in understanding why we continue to repeat and create similar relationship patterns, professionally and personally, whether it’s with the boss, your best friend your current partner or a future partner. Learn the powerful skills to create new imprints for improving your existing and future relationships. It’s a very empowering day that is full of deep personal growth, self-awareness and lays the foundation for your formula of success in current and future relationships.

DAY TWO: Transformation Day

Day two is all about breaking down and transforming the big emotional barriers; stories and fears that are holding you back in your relationships.  I will work with individuals and show you exactly how to release those emotional barriers, and create new positive imprints. You will learn the skills to traverse the river of uncertainty that is crossed when implementing any new skills The aim is to align the unconscious formula of relationships with the new empowered formula in order to send you out into all your relationships on track, empowered and connecting with purpose.

What you will get out of this weekend:

  • Learn about how you create the relationships you have currently
  • Learn about yourself – you must know what you want and value first in order to gain clarity and success in other areas of life
  • Overcome major emotional barriers
  • Gain more clarity and focus around your relationships
  • Break down major fears and worries about relationships
  • Create new relationship imprints
  • Greater mental and emotional strength
  • Improve the quality of both intimate relationships and professional relationships, now and in the future
  • Clients express they notice a big improvement in their overall happiness and emotional states
  • Experience greater ability to manage your emotions in challenging situations
  • Utilize tools after the event to overcome times when you are experiencing highly charged emotions and relationship challenges
  • Connect with like minded and empowered people who will support you through the experience

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