What is Faster EFT




What is Faster EFT ?

And how can tapping help you?  Faster EFT is a powerful stress release technique. It is fast, simple and holistic. Developed by Robert G. Smith,  it combines a few basic traditional EFT techniques with NLP (Nuero Linguistic Programing) techniques.

These techniques use the minds’s ability to transform itself. Faster EFT allows change to happen in a fast, easy and effortless way. No drugs, no talk therapy, just a simple, effective way to change the unconscious programing that  is causing the stress or issue.


Faster EFT is based on the belief; “There are no broken people”.  In order to have a problem, one must be doing something correctly to produce whatever it is that is the issue. If you suffer from anxiety, you are not doing anything wrong. You are successfully recreating the anxious patterns over and over.

The cause of all our problems are based on our perceptions and emotions. Those emotions and perceptions are filed and the mind uses them as references. If they are no longer effective we simply need to take them offline… allowing our mind to work more effectively. 

Using FasterEFT the negative emotional supports that hold a problem in place are deconstructed, released and the more positive emotional supports are build in the same manner allowing the person to move forward in their life

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How can Tapping help you? Faster EFT is a Trance Breaker

Emotionally Focused Transformation identifies memories as the trance state of stress. The tapping breaks the physical response to that stress by tapping on accupressure  or meridian points. The tapping stops the stress signal and allows the body to give positive feedback to the mind.  The client returns to a calmer more relaxed state. It is safe, easy and user friendly. A technique that empowers the client to be able to tap on themselves anywhere at any time.

Permanent change is achieved as the memories are flipped, creating a positive imprint of an outcome. The self-perception of the person changes as they lose their negative perception of self.

This powerful tool is easily learned, anyone can take it and use it to support themselves any time they feel stressed.